I started this site at a time in my life that is vastly different from where I am now. I wanted it to be a portfolio for later, full of ramblings of my somewhat over-active mind. I think that was 2 years ago now? Maybe 3. And I haven’t really written much down since then. I know no one reads this, but I do, and I kinda shit the bed with this one. Blah blah blah and a few years of therapy later, I live in LA now and I have a job that I should be working my ass off to keep, but I just sort of lost interest. It’s a talent agency working closely with all these insanely cool producers and directors and I lasted 6 months before giving my 2 weeks notice last Friday. Once again, back to square one I guess.  

not really anything

I get so frustrated with myself when I’m not writing. My mind just shuts down and decides to not even think about it for a while. And then whenever I do sit down to write nothing seems good enough. So, here’s this, for now. It’s not really writing. But, it is a post I think I need to make to just remind me that I am still able to. Give me a day or two, y’all.