TRIGGER WARNING! Fictional, but potentially distressing content coming your way so turn back now and read one of my goofy posts if this one is not what you're lookin for. xoxo I think I have always been super interested in the brains ability to detach from trauma as a way to process it. I started writing about this … Continue reading Blair

4 am

I lie awake at 4am with one leg tucked under the heated blanket and the other resting bare on the cold side of the bed. My eyes are closed but I can still visualize every speck of light that wanders into my room each night. On the corner of the ceiling by the door is the … Continue reading 4 am


Hi there! If you managed to stumble upon this, then you're probably related to me or extremely lost...but I am starting a blog! It's going to be a compilation of thoughts, rants, fiction pieces, and passionate movie reviews. This is a cluttered blog for the curious, the talkative, the inspired, and the slightly anxious. Let's … Continue reading Blog??