Tom Ford is Better Than You

Before reading this, you have to realize that I feel a stronger connection to novels and films than I do to real people. I’m  not totally sure if that’s healthy, but that’s not the point here, so just don’t question it for now and we can discuss my issues another time.

Oh boy. Okay, so I went to see Nocturnal Animals in theaters three times before I felt like I really knew what the hell was going on. Funny story, actually, after I saw it the first time I sat in the theater with my best friend, jaws hanging open, for 30 minutes, confused as hell. We sat on our phones, searching for an explanation for what we just watched, until after the credits ended and employees came in to clean the room. I hated it. I was so frustrated and annoyed. But that was it. That was all I needed. I couldn’t get this movie out of my head. I replayed parts of the film over and over and over until I finally decided to go see it again. After that, things started clicking into place. If you haven’t seen the film, you have no reason to be reading this right now, so, go away, but if you have, then you probably can relate to what I’m  saying on some level. I fell in love, hard and fast, with this movie. I cannot say enough good things about it. Tom Ford: you have my heart. All of it. You have my heart in a jar on your desk and you don’t even know it. You have so much of my heart that there’s nothing left for my friends and family, and I’m  not the least bit upset about that. You are a genius. This entire movie is genius. It is breathtaking and did I say genius (???) and I’m  getting dizzy just thinking about it.

Now that you know how strongly I feel about this movie, can I just say that the academy is kidding themselves if they think Aaron Taylor-Johnson isn’t the most deserving of the best supporting actor title. KIDDING THEMSELVES. He is not only the hottest man on the planet, but also one of the best actors. It blows my mind. Not to shit on any of the men who were nominated (go Michael Shannon) but come on, ATJ is a god. I am so angry with the academy. Not to mention the film didn’t get nominated for best picture, which is another outrage, but even that I can understand more than not nominating Aaron. AND NOT NOMINATING TOM FORD FOR BEST DIRECTOR??? What is happening, guys? WHAT? Okay I’m  getting light headed, but I just needed to briefly get this off my chest. Tom Ford, you have a million awards for best director in my eyes. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, call me.

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